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About :DesignLIFE.
Industrial Design Studio

Our Studio

Our studio is located in the vibrant, anceint city of Thane, right next to city of Mumbai, financial capital of India. 

We love meeting new people in physical realms literally :D.

So feel free to visit us if curious kid inisde you is still alive.

DesignLIFE Thane (1).jpg
DesignLIFE Thane (2).jpg

Our Ethos

We are creative yet disciplined.

We are open, honest and transparent.

We are curious, restless and not affraid of digging deep.  

We love to explore the boundries of certainity and uncertainity. 

We design with you, till we together Market Launch the product.

We don’t change skin, we get underneath to make design happen.

We design to make you HAPPY, so that you can spread it generously.


We swear by this

"we only do physical product design for past 2 decades & no other side stuffs, no branding, no UI UX stuff, no big words" 

Girish Lone_DesignLIFE.jpg

Our Founder

Girish Lone is award-winning Indian design entrepreneur, founder & Principal Industrial Designer.


Girish has established :DesignLIFE in 2010, which is now brand of TARBEJ. His areas of interest are Product Invention, New Product Design, Product Strategy & Creativity.


He is firm beliver in Lean Startup & Design by Doing.  

As principal designer, he is keenly invovled in each ID project at :DesignLIFE. With passion for technology and material innovations, he has multiple patents on his name.


REAL award to us is when

Our design are produced, sold in market in millions. 

Our manufacturing partners still producing the designs. 

Our clients celebrate their profitable quarters & financial years. 

Our clients partner with us and refrain us to design for competitors. :D
Our friends shares a story of product we have designed back with us.

We read real users reviews "this proudct is elegant, works like charms" 

We end up buying our design from market.


Awards & recongitions are meaningful growth for our business.


We do, sometimes out of compulsion, participate in awards & end up winning most of it. :D

CII Design Excellence_DLIFE_2.jpg

Our Clients

We love open-minded design centric entrepreneurial clients, who understand the power of design and collaborates with us as partners. 


Together, we can design the world 

to be a happier place. :D

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