Smart Dustbin

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Smart Dustbin with WiFi


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Smart Dustbin Working

Smart Dustbin is WiFi enabled smart city product. It consist of Bin Cover which houses, two sensors namely Garbage Intrusion Detection and Level Sensor to detect amount of Garbage. Smart bin has a easy to read digital display which shows OTP like code to be used for WiFi activation.

When the User puts the Garbage into the bin through the lid, the smart bin detects the same and it displays the OTP to the user. Which users can input into the Smart Bin WiFi Network and access the internet for set amount of time. This encourages the users to use the bins to throw the trash, garbage into and inculticate behavioural change.

Smart Wifi bin also have Garbage Level Detection sensor, which update the nearest collection center about the status of the bin. If the bin is full i.e. Garbage is above prescribed level, its shows up “Bin Full” on display and alerts the collection center for immediate Pickup and Clean the Bin, thus keeping the Bin useful all time.

Smart bin is also equipped with the Advertisement panel for revenue generation. The Ad panel can run targeted ads and make the brands and their CSR more visible to the consumers, making the Smart Bin consumer touch point.

It runs completely independent of Power Grid i.e. it runs of its own Solar Panel installed on top.

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