CHAMP T400, 400A Welding Machine Family

Product Awarded India Design Mark 2017

Tools & Equipment Category ​for Good Design, Made in India.

The awards are the celebration of the very best of Indian design. These highly sought after honours coming from the country’s largest industry association is the ultimate accolade for design excellence, innovation and originality of Indian Design.

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Product Domain

Power Electronics


Inverter based SMAW Welding Equipment Family


Ador Welding Ltd.

Design Services

  • Industrial Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Product Graphics
  • Prototyping & Production Support

Design Benefits

Contemporary Aesthetics, global appeal

New Design with Plastic Fascia and bold strong aesthetics gives a fresh new look to one of the Indias most trusted brand in the category and wins confidence and trust from the loyal customers. Bold Color scheme & organized control panel graphics connotes efficient design.

Cost effective to produce

New Design of plastic facia is 30% cheaper to produce compared to earlier sheet metal design. Inbuilt handles save 2 external handle's cost. Inbuilt feets save cost of 4 external feet cost. Less no. of components leads to faster assembly , higher production hence increased profits.

Design conforms to client's inhouse capabilities

Design of sheet metal parts are in tune with client's inhouse resources like radius punches, v blocks, resulting better utilization of resources.

Excellent Value Engineering

Clever design and engineering of front and back fascia allowed the use of Single Die for Production of Fascia with changeable inserts, Saving significant cost of one mold. Simultaneously it also has allowed for larger production from single die, leading to faster amortization of the die cost and hence faster break even.

Improved Usability