Concept Designs

KRONOS : Future of Farming

2nd Prize winner of VALTRA Design Challenge 2017.

Our Industrial Designer, Harsh is placed 2nd in VALTRA Design Challenge, amongst 133 competing teams, from 41 different countries, across 5 different continents. It's proud moment for all us.

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Smart Futuristic Tractor Design by DesignLIFE

Kronos is a concept that allows to break down the conventional boundries of a tractor for the farming and agricultural processes of the year 2040. It will open up completely new horizons of future farming. Kronos is meant to work day and night without any constraints, which helps solve the problem of lack of specialized labour during the most intense seasons. The future tractor not only aims at being digital and futuristic but also provides ease of work because of its intuitive design.

On the other hand the Base unit is an unmanned autonomous vehicle. It is capable of performing major tractor operations without an on field assistance. Hence reducing any human assistance helps indirectly to multitask. It is very futuristic and can be operated from the home by the user using a computer or any portable interface.