Concept Designs

COR : Smart UAV for Organ(Heart) Transportation

Safe & fast Critical Organ Delivery :

"Heart covers 23km in 17 minutes for Mumbai's 40th transplant ..." or "On Friday, Mr. Kashyap's organs were retrieved at the medical college in city of Aurangabad. His heart was transported via a green corridor to the Aurangabad airport in just 12 minutes. On a normal day, it takes 30 to 45 minutes to travel the same distance. We created a green corridor for rapid transportation of the heart to the airport," said Dr.

How many such successful stories we have heard? But there are quite few unsuccessful ones never told. We, as a Designers, see recent technology advances in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles can come to rescue. Our Vision of Cor is an Air Ambulance, which can transport the Vital Organ smoothly for last mile delivery from Busy Airports to Hospitals in crowded metro cities any time and every time, on Time. It can also provide critical service between two hospitals located within city. Cor improves access to hospitals by flying over crowded city streets in any weather, day or night. delivering directly to doors.


Organ Delivery drone by DesignLIFE in space Heart Carrying Case by DesignLIFE Medical Delivery Drone Mechanism by DesignLIFE Organ Transport Drone Landing by DesignLIFE